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You Used To Be An Average Apple

you ate cantaloupes like an animal hannibal cannibal cantaloupe,

your girlfriend was a man who was a cannonball named Nathaniel Joe-Gannon bro and he was intangible.

you followed scandals about so called cancerous vandals named Randall who you were told were habit-full maggots

but who were secretly mathematical addable admirable admirals.

you thought you were being rational and unflappable but really you were just detachable,

mechanical and unpractical invaluable to the seemingly infallible but actually tyrannical national capital.

you were a small part to a unanimous antidote for man manics who used to smoke cannabis in Canada with Amanda

in the back of the travel van while parrots in Paris meet soldiers with berets who've just been embarrassed and want

to cause despair with a pair of carriages.

But now your eyes have turned into a pair of swirls

your life's so unfair; you hurl

because your girlfriend just had a pair of girls

and you've been kicked out of you're parent's world

Now You're Not An Average Apple

You're A Mad Damaged Apple

Who's Been Told That They're Unnatural

Who Feels Like A Crapple


So, I just stumbled into /r/FifthWorldPoetry, and was inspired to throw some rhyming words down onto a page. I just wanted to experiment a little bit and try thinking outside the box. I like how it turned out, and I think I might write some more fifth-world poems.
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October 28, 2015
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